We take very good care of our girls only breeding them once a year so as to have extra good, healthy puppies.


Check out pedigree page to see our very well bred dogs...lots of Champion lines.




Dapples and solids



This is Bleu, She is a chocolate and tan dapple dachsie, with a nice thick longhair coat. Her mom is a black and tan dapple long coat and her dad is an isabella and tan smooth coat dachshund.






We have a variety of different females in different colors and coat patterns, making it possible for us to offer to you what ever you might be looking for. All of are females have great conformation and wonderful loving personalities. We have long hair and smooth coat, in the dapple pattern and the piebald pattern. Our girls carry for blue and cream, black and tan doxies, red dachsies, brindle dachshunds,chocolate and tan, sable, isabella and tan, shaded red, and english cream.


Normandox I Can Still Make Cheyenne

"aka" Cheyenne

She is a gorgeous chocolate based red, she carries chocolate, cream,  and ee. She will be added to the breeding program in 2017 



Longdox N Normandox Sweetbriar Rose "aka" Briar

chocolate and cream dapple longhair

She is a super funny, smiling, happy go lucky girl. She will be added to the breeding program middle to late 2017



RUYA~ Black and cream dapple longhair, she is so sweet, she is in a guardian home, she lives with my daughter and grandkids, and is the queen of the castle.


We love this girl, she is a faux blue and cream  dapple smooth coat. She comes to us from Grendox Dachshunds.

Grendox & Lisa Pour Me A Jaeger Bomb

aka Jaeger


Gina's Sophia The 1st 4 Normandox

This is Sophia, she comes to us from Ginas Cuddly Doxies

She is a chocolate and cream dapple longhair with an amazing hair coat, and has given us puppies as sweet and out going as her.


She is a chocolate and cream dapple long hair, she lives in Visalia, CA. She will be added to our breeding program in 2017




Normandox I Can't Drive 55 (aka "Chevelle")

Chocolate Based Cream

Chevelle is now retired and in her new home. 



We are so happy to be keeping this girl around, she actually belongs to my daughter-in-law now, but we will be breeding her to our new male at the end of the year and have some very nice chocolate and cream puppies, in solid and dapple. She is a chocolate and cream dapple longhair.

Normandox Just in the Nikk of Time

aka "NIKKI" she will be retiring after her last litter of pups in 2017, she has already found her forever home.










Normandox U Betchur Assets AKA "Saint"
Saint is a black and tan longhair Mini dachshund. She carries for cream, red, chocolate and tan, and chocolate and cream.
Normandox Little Red Hennie RETIRED
Hennie is our beautiful red longhair girl. She is half English Cream, she comes from a long list of Champions. Hennie has the most gorgeous longhair coat, along with all the qualities you would look for in a miniature dachshund. She is very long and low with great big paws, nice ears and a huge heart. If she can be in your lap you can bet that's were she will be. She loves to play chase in the yard with our border collie dog Jade. They play keep away with any dog toy they can get their chops on. This  mini doxie has a beautiful long coat, she carries for, red,black and tan, cream, brindle, red brindle and wheaten. We will be breeding her to long hair dachshunds only and will be having some show quality long haired doxie puppies. Dachshund breeder.


Margarita Babe  RETIRED

This is a wonderful new addition to our doxie family, she is a chocolate and cream longhair dachshund female.

 She is coming to us from Texas. Thanks you Nancy of A and N Doxies!





Black and tan longhair RETIRED

 She comes from a long list of Champions and has a show career of her own.  Thanks Cathy!

fullcircle's Denim and Laccee




Normandox Buckshot Bonnie(RETIRED)

Bonnie is a beautiful Chocolate & Tan Mini Dachshund. She carries for chocolate, Isabella, blue, red, black and tan, red sable, and piebald.  We want to thank Nancy @ A and N Doxies  in Elgin,TX.  We have bought many dogs from her and are always very pleased.

Daisey~~ red piebald smooth coat, now RETIRED.