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Normandox AKC Miniature Dachshunds


About Us



Hi I'm Lisa,I am a small breeder of the AKC Miniature Dachshund.  We specialize in smooth coat and long coat doxies, we have dachshunds in the dapple pattern and in the piebald pattern. We are located in Southern California, near Bakersfield, CA. in the Tehachapi mountains. My husband and I are both employed full time, so this is more like a hobby and love for the Dachshund breed. We have a great pack of hounds and we love and adore each and every one of them. Since we find it most important to put the health of our doxies first (only breeding them annually) we only have a limited number of litters a year 3-4 at the most. Our goal is to consistently produce dachshunds with gorgeous conformation, intelligence and outstanding temperaments. Our wiener dogs come in  all colors and coat patterns. We have black and tan piebald doxies, red piebald dachshunds, blue piebald dashsies, Isabella piebald mini dachshunds, &  chocolate piebald  mini dachsies, black and tan dapple doxies, blue dapple dachshunds, isabella (fawn)dapple dachsies,chocolate dapple dachshunds and isabella (fawn) dapple dachsunds. mini dachshunds,dapple dachshunds,doxies,black & tan dachies,california doxies,blue & tan dapples,Isabella & tan dapple,chocolate & blue dapples,black & tan dapple,black & cream,chocolate & cream,cream dapple,chocolate & tan,minature doxies,reds doxies,bakersfield california dachshunds,English creams,breeders in california,doxies,long hair dachshunds,smooth coat doxies,puppies for sale in california,dachshund rescue,adopt a doxie .We also have a very nice English Cream female and are going to be investing in an awesome English Cream male. 

All our puppies are raised in the house and under  foot. Our miniature dachshund puppies are very well socialized, we take the time to love and handle each and every pup. Being raised in the house they are used to all the normal every day noises that go on in a household, which will help them adapt to your home that much faster. We also pre-crate train our dachsie puppies to make life easier for you once your puppy is home.

 Our puppies are given their age appropriate shot and dewormed, we also have dewclaws removed  before going to their new home. We hope you enjoy our site if you have any question's feel free to email us or call Lisa @731-307-9518








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Unforeseen Circumstances

All of our dogs are welcome back if for some reason you can no longer care for them, Please DO NOT Take them to a shelter or Pound, as you will be sign a contract stating that they will be returned to us, we have first right of refusal, and will also help find them a new home.