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Normandox AKC Miniature Dachshunds


Expecting Litters (Closed on Sunday)

 Updated 08/07/2018

Even though we are moving across the U.S., we will still take care of our west coast cliental . We will make shipping affordable, or you are welcome to fly into Nashville and pick up your pup and fly back with them. We will gladly meet you at the airport....our puppies will be priced with shipping included...

As soon as pairings have been made and pregnancy confirmed, we will update this page, please keep an eye on this page for updates on future litters...

2018 planned breedings, these are planned, some have not yet taken place.



2018 Pairings and planned breeding's​.

Briar to Jazz, expecting ee creams, creams, black and creams, chocolate and creams in solid and dapples. Due November.

Hoola to Pony, creams, dilutes, black and creams and chocolates... all solids, Due November

Hiedi~ Jazz...they should have creams and chocolate and creams in piebald's and solids LH

Lula Bell to Pony (September-October 2018)

June Carter Cash~ ee cream male end of 2018 







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