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Normandox AKC Miniature Dachshunds

We Have Dachshund Puppies!

Future Breeders

Due to some issues with our existing website, we had to make a few changes, but in appearance only...same wonderful doggies!

This page will represent the future breeders of our program.

Future Females


Normandox LulaBell

She is a gorgeous chocolate and cream dapple longhair. She carries, chocolate , cream, and dilute. She will be added to our breeding program in 2018






​Normandox Lori Darlin

​This pretty black and cream dapple girl will be a future momma, she carries cream, chocolate, piebald and possibly dilute.



​Black and tan dapple longhair female from Ruya and Zeus, should carry chocolate, dilute, red, possibly piebald.  


Maggie~black and tan dapple (faux blue)

should carry red, chocolate, dilute and possibly piebald, will be addeded to the breeding program in 2018, 


We also have first pick out of 3 litters to come ~Bitsy and Jazz, June and Jazz and a friend of mine has a cream piebald that she will be breeding to her blue piebald male...Hoping to have girls to choose from so we can add some outside lines to our program...


Future Males

Normandox Wild Cayuse "aka" Pony

Black and cream longhair, DOB 1/21/16 Love this boy! Super sweet, cant wait to add him to our program, the end of 2017. He carries chocolate, cream, and dilute.




2 Teckels Normandox Watchingirlsgoby aka "Deany Weany"

This boy is a beautiful smooth cream, he carries for chocolate, possibly dilute...he will be bred to Jaeger, possibly to a couple of our longhair girls. He will be added to our program in 2018