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Normandox AKC Miniature Dachshunds

731-307-9518 ~ We are in Tennessee


Even though we are moving across the U.S., we will still take care of our west coast cliental . We will make shipping affordable, or you are welcome to fly into Nashville and pick up your pup and fly back with them. We will gladly meet you at the airport....
You may fly in (to Nashville) to pick up your puppy up.



We do offer stud services on our boys, to approved females only. Stud fee is $1200.00 or pick puppy.

Pedigree's available upon request.


Niall~ This is our stunning Isabella and cream piebald boy. He will have puppies arriving in January, bred to Hiedi and Lorri Darlin.... 







Normandox Wild Cayuse

aka "Pony"

Black and cream longhair, carrying chocolate, cream, and dilute.






All  That Jazz

He is a Blue and Cream longhair, he  carries chocolate, black and tan, piebald, and isabella

This boy is amazing.



​ "Chowder" he has been rehomed as a pet...

​Cream Dapple Male   Retired



This is Rudy, he is a very pretty Red, carries cream, black and tan, black and cream and chocolate. He belongs to a friend of mine, he is a Normandox bred boy that we have retained breeding rights on.

Normandox Sit Tall In The Saddle "Juli-Dae" born 6/1/16

Juli-Dae is a chocolate and tan dapple longhair. Carries for cream, black and tan, red, and possibly piebald. SOLD, he is now living in Boise, Idaho

Normandox Catchascatchcan "Catch'"

Chocolate and tan longhair. Carries for cream and possibly piebald. Born 4/10/16

Sold, he is now in a pet home... in southern California

LJ Johnson's Gentle Ben

Ben is a super sweet and out going boy, and has an amazing pedigree with Champion lines, along with great conformation. He is a chocolate and tan dapple longhair.Thank you Randy and Linda!



  ZEUS, he belongs to a friend of mine now. He lives in Bakersfield CA.


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