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Normandox AKC Miniature Dachshunds


Puppy Deposit

Available Puppies         (Closed on Sunday)  



 WE TAKE ALL CREDIT CARDS VIA PAYPAL  731-307-9518 Updated~~2/15/2018

We appreciate emails, but we also like to speak with all potential buyers, so please call any time.

 The set prices are for Pet Only,  You must call me to discuss full AKC.

We reserve the right to have first pick out of each litter. 

Our puppies are priced on an individual bases, ranging from $1000.00 to $2000.00 pet price, full AKC is an additional $500.00, upon approval.






Lorri Darlin and Niall Puppies


Darlin is a black and tan dapple longhair and Niall is an Isabella and cream piebald.

These puppies born January 3rd. Ready to go Feb 28th. They will be located in West Tennessee. Pet Only. We have dapples,  piebald's in chocolate and black and tan, cream.   We will ship.


Puppies are here! 


Reign~chocolate and cream/tan piebald female doxie $1200.00 Pet Only





Callipo~chocolate and cream/tan dapple male dachshund $1200.00 Pet Only




Queen~black and cream dapple female $1200.00 Pet Only







June Carter Cash and Moose

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June is a chocolate and cream dapple longhair dachshund and Moose is a cream doxie




These puppies are due January 13th...they will be located in Visalia California. Creams, chocolates, solids and dapples.

Puppies are here. We have a few available,  we will be accepting deposits and will be posting individual pictures of them in a couple days....  Please contact Sage@ 661-706-1587  ~~~  

chocolate and cream dapple piebald doxie male~ $1500.00



black and cream male~ $1200.00









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